ATI aquaristik PowerCone iS DC išputintojo pompa su kontroleriu

Gamintojas: ATI Aquaristik
Prekės kodas: ATI1521
Prieinamumas: Sandėlyje
UPC: 570

  • 174.00€

With the latest generation of DC pumps ATI aquaristik set standards in terms of skimmer performance. DC pump not only a very efficient, but also very quiet operation.

The pump is adjustable (10 stages), whereby the skimming can be perfectly adapted to the needs of your aquarium. The low-voltage operation (24V) also increases your safety in daily contact with the aquarium.

  • Up to 3000 L/h air throughput
  • Up to 2000 L/h water throughput
  • Max. 30 watt energy consumption
  • Adjustable pump (10 stages)
  • Min/max waterlevel for operation: 15-23 cm
  • Dimensions, length x width x height: 15,5 x 11 x 9,6 cm
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ATI aquaristik PowerCone