ATI Essentials P papildas 500ml

Gamintojas: ATI Aquaristik
Prekės kodas: ATI40158
Prieinamumas: Sandėlyje

  • 14.00€

The Nutritions are the ideal supplement to the Essentials Pro with organic compounds and nutrients. For the formation of the skeleton stone corals need calcium, carbonate, magnesium, strontium and barium. For biomass production, trace elements, organic compounds and nutrients of carbon (C), nitrogen (N) and phosphorus (P) are needed. Nutritions enriches the supply of Essentials pro by providing essential, organic compounds and nutrients. • Supplements essentials pro with organic compounds and nutrients.

• Allows for the perfect adjustment of nutrients according to the Redfield ratio and actively prevents nutrient limitation. 

• Actively increases the formation of chromoproteins in corals. 

• Promotes the growth and vitality of all reef inhabitants.

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