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CORAL OCEAN HIGH PERFORMANCE REEF SALT contains most important trace elements and micronutrients at concentrations similar to those found in natural ocean water.

IMPROVES CORAL HEALTH: High levels of important nutrients like calcium and magnesium lead to increased coral growth, better polyp extension, and enhanced coral colors, compared to lower quality salts.

HELPS PREVENT ALGAE: Free from synthetic additives and does not contain any nitrate, silicate, or phosphate which can lead to algae. 

Coral Ocean 
is a “wet” salt whose slight humidity keeps the chemical formula consistent throughout and allows it to dissolve quickly and easily. Includes a separate calcium supplement that can be added, if needed, to further raise calcium levels.

Coral Ocean plus
 is a “dry” salt whose low humidity, like table salt, keeps the product uniform throughout and makes it easy to use. Does not include a separate calcium supplement, as Coral Ocean Plus is naturally high in calcium.

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ATI Coral Ocean Plus Seasalt