Aquarium Systems New Jet 3500 vandens pompa

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Prekės kodas: AQS0202007
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  • 68.00€

The NewJet can be used externally or submerged. All attachments are supplied as standard. Thier compact design has been optimised to give maximum output with relative low power consumption.

A convenient control knob sits atop the unit meaning that you can set the heater at the desired temperature easily and quickly.

  • Silent and energy-efficient automatic aquarium heater.
  • Self-protected motor in case of overheating.
  • Adjustable flowwith easy access button
  • The flow rate is adjustable via a dial on the face of the pumpmeaning that you can control the pump easily and quickly.

The NewJet is a submersible pump designed for indoor use. It is suitable for use in fresh or salt water aquarium and terrariums. The pump is not suitable, and as a consequent not covered by the manufacturers guarantee, for uses other than those specified. 

Galingumas: 70W

Našumas: 850-3500 l/val

Kelimas (max):  2,55m

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Aquarium Systems New Jet