Aquarium Systems Maxi Jet MJ1000

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The Maxi-Jet aquarium pump is the ideal choice for "power" aquariums that are home to fish or invertebrates. The rotor, constructed in one piece, requires little maintenance and the absence of free shares makes the unit easy to clean. It is complete pre-filter to prevent the entry of foreign particles in the pump and an innovative support to three cups holding the pump. The motors are self-protected against overheating caused by abnormally dry running.

The water outlet can be rotated and numerous accessories allow a variety of applications.
Ideal for biological filters and sottosabbia, can be connected to any rigid or flexible tube.
has a support base to 3 cups for easy positioning and a secure anchorage.

Despite its compact size up to 1000 liters / hour and 148 cm. prevalence.

Is equipped with O-Ring, which guarantees a perfect seal even when used out of water.

Has a rotor pumps with the original mechanism noise.
If used properly does not vibrate and does not produce annoying noises.

Even in the heaviest conditions of use does not overheat, even if run dry or blocked rotor.
Subjected to rigorous quality controls, has all the marks of safety.

Exceptional performance with low power consumption and low acquisition price.
Designed to last longer and work perfectly without any maintenance.

Technical Features:

Power 14 Watts;
Flow 1000 l / h;
Prevalence 148 cm;
Suitable for aquariums up to 160 liters.
Dimensions: 9 x 5 x 8 (h) cm.

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Aquarium Systems Maxi Jet MJ1000