Aquarium Systems Instant Cichlid druska; 400g

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Salt for African Cichlids. Instant Cichlid stabilises the pH and the osmotic pressure of the water in the aquarium. Especially recommended for all species from the African Great Lakes (Tanganyika – Malawi); it facilitates acclimatisation for newly-imported wild fishes.


Stabilises both the pH and osmotic pressure of the water in the aquarium. Facilitates the acclimatisation of newly imported wild fish. We suggest adding the recommended quantity of salt for the volume of water changed. Conductivity can be adjusted by topping up with salt 24 hours after the initial dosing. Pour the salt directly into the filter so that it can dissolve slowly. Do not pre dilute the Instant Cichlid, to prevent the pH rising too quickly. Increase the circulation of the water for 24 hours to encourage good distribution of the salt throughout the aquarium and also to stabilise the pH. It is recommended that 50% of the water in the aquarium is changed every week.

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Aquarium Systems Instant Cichlid