Aqua Medic aquapHloor substratas; 3.5kg

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Prekės kodas: AQM21135
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Aqua Medic aquapHloor substrate is especially suitable for plant aquaria and shrimp tanks. It is not suitable for aquaria with strong digging inhabitants. aquapHloor has pH-decreasing and stabilizing features that are preferred by many plants and animals from the soft water areas of the world. The substrate doesn’t need to be washed before putting it into the aquarium. If the water is cloudy then, it will be clear again soon. It’s a nutritious substrate, ensuring strong plant growth. The shape of granules with a grain size of 2-3 mm ensures good oxygen supply of the plant roots and also serves as a settlement substrate for vital bacteria.

Content: 3.5 kg/app. 4 l

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Aqua Medic, aquapHloor